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Currents Affairs Past Questions & Answers (PDF Download)



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– Currents Affairs Test Past Questions-

Download Currents Affairs Test Past Questions. Candidates who are qualified for the Currents Affairs Test screening examinations can download an up-to-date copy of the pdf past question file to prepare and ace the examinations.

Why You Need Currents Affairs Test Past Questions

The Currents Affairs Test past question is suitable for soon to be candidates of various institutions which set questions on current affairs in their aptitude tests. The Currents Affairs Past Questions comes in very handy for when you are making preparations. This material could be used as one of the ultimate guide for adequate preparation.

It is quite certain that if you have written the examinations before and did not pass, you would not want to fail again. For instance, if you fail in 2022, you will have to repeat the examinations in 2023. Imagine the time that will be wasted. This is why you really need the past questions to guide you.

Additionally, there is a high tendency of repeated questions from previous examinations. Therefore, whether you are a fresh candidate, or someone who have written the exam before, this is a fair chance to boost your chances of performing excellently in the forth coming examinations.

Benefits of Currents Affairs Past Questions

1. Firstly, It enlightens you on the scope of the examination

2. Hence, you won’t be in the dark about questions to expect in the examination.

3. Therefore, you won’t need support rather you’ll be confident in yourself

4. Furthermore, You won’t develop examination fever as a result of not knowing where the questions will be coming from.

5. Additionally, Equips you beforehand.

6. Also, it Guides you on how to answer exam technical questions

Sample Questions on Currents Affairs 

1. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?

(A) obasanjo

(B) osama

(C) obi

(D) Herbert Macauly

2. What was the first political party in Nigeria?




(D) AD

3. Who is the current president of Nigeria?

(A) Obasanjo

(B) Saraki

(C) Buhari

(D) Jonathan

4. Who is the current vice president of Nigeria?

(A) Osinbanjo

(B) Atiku

(C) Peter obi

(D) Namadi sambo

5. What does the eagle in the Nigerian coat of arm

(A) peace

(B) Terror

(C) Agriculture

(D) Strength

Answer: Strength

6. Representative democracy is best characteristic by

(A) free elections and proper registers of voters

(B) a politically educated electorate

(C) rule by the interest group

(D) proper constituencies and a real choice of candidates

7. While political partial parties aim at forming a government pressure groups aim at

(A) causing social unrest

(B) influencing governmental decisions

(C) controlling nation’s economy

(D) getting workers to unite

8. When the electorate vote for representatives who is turn vote on their behalf we say it is

(A) an indirect election

(B) an unfair election

(C) a disputed election

(D) a rigged electron

9. An election which is conducted to fill a vacant seat in a legislature is called a

(A) by election

(B) general election

(C) referendum

(D) plebiscite

10. Which of these countries does NOT operate a federal constitution


(B) Nigeria

(C) Canada

(D) France


11. The major advantage of the secret ballot is that

(A) it is faster than other systems

(B) nobody can be prevented from voting

(C) it ensures the anonymity of each voter

(D) losers can ask for another secret voter

12. In a one party state

(A) there are no free citizens

(B) the communist party is the only legal party

(C) the ruling party is the only legal party

(D) elections to be legislature are held at the party’s conferences

13. A cabinet system of government is practiced in

(A) Britain and Canada

(B) the soviet union

(C) all European Countries including Britain

(D) the United State of America

14. A proclamation by the head of state ending a session of parliament is called

(A) a dissolution

(B) an adjournment

(C) a prorogation

(D) a devolution

15. The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria

(A) promotes unity of diversity

(B) allows for the dominance of the minority ethnic groups

(C) concentrates governmental power at on one level of government

(D) ensures the dominance of one political party.


16. The transfer of authority to local government council is known as

(A) delegation

(B) fusion

(C) fragmentation

(D) devolution

17. The principle of anonymity of civil servants means that they

(A) are not the servant of a particular government

(B) are trained for the duties they perform

(C) are credited or blamed for anything they do

(D) have a career

18. The six registered political parties in Nigeria in 1982 were





19. Which of the following is NOT a pressure group in Nigeria

(A) farmers

(B) the Nigerian union of teachers (NUT)

(C) Nigeria medical associate (NMA)

(D) academic staff union of university (ASUU)

20. The N.C.N.C sent a delegation to London in 1947 to protest against the

(A) burns constitution

(B) Richards constitution

(C) Littleton constitution

(D) Macpherson constitution

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