Anambra State University Cut Off Mark for 2022/2023 Academic Session

– Anambra State University Cut Off Mark –

Are you interested in gaining admission into the Anambra State University? Do you want to know the Anambra State University cut off mark for the 2022 academic session? If yes, then this article is for you.

Anambra State University Cut Off Mark

Anambra state university is a state-run institution in Anambra, Nigeria, which is in the southeast. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University has two campuses and has no religious affiliation.

Also, the university is populated by Igbo students, thus we can’t call it culturally diverse because it will be primarily populated by Igbos and Christians.

Bachelor’s degrees are available in education, engineering, science, social scenes, medical, and the arts. This university’s admissions process is quite competitive.

Interesting, Chukwu Emeka Odumegu University has a big student body and offers a variety of services to its students, including housing.

The school expenses of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU) are really reasonable, and there are many more amazing amenities.

What is a Cut Off Mark?

A cut off mark is a minimum score set by a specific institution as a requirement for admission to a particular department of study. Candidates should know that the cutoff mark is based on their performance on a particular examination.

Also, students who scored above the required cut off mark will be admitted and treated preferentially in the admission process above those who met the exact cutoff mark.

In addition, this page is for all those who applied for admission to the Anambra State University and are looking for the ANSU cut Off Mark to see if their JAMB score qualifies them for admission to the Anambra State University ANSU’s current academic year (2022/2023).

Before applying for the Anambra State University, candidates/potential students should check the cut-off mark.

Anambra State University Cut Off Mark 

The management of the Anambra State University has stated that the school’s newest Post-UTME cut-off mark for 2022/2023 admission is 180 and above.

 This shows that for the 2022/2023 admissions cycle, the Anambra State University (ANSU) has set a minimum Post UTME cut-off Point of 180.

 You must score precisely 180 or higher to be eligible to purchase the Anambra State University Post-UTME form and be considered for admission in 2022.

Since you’ve gotten familiar with what the ANSU cut off marks are all about, let’s look at the departmental cut off mark.

Anambra State University Courses and Cut Off Mark

The school administration has issued the departmental cut-off marks for the Anambra State University. In order to be admitted, all prospective students must meet the cutoff mark for their chosen courses.

Also, this shows that all 2022 JAMB applicants who met the requisite cut-off point for the Anambra State University have a fair probability of being admitted.

The following is the departmental cut-off mark for all courses at ANSU for the 2022/2023 academic session:

Faculty Administration

1. Accountancy/Accounting – 190 and above.

2. Business Administration – 190 and above.

3. Marketing – 190 and above.

4. Public Administration – 190 and above.

Faculty Agriculture

1. Agric-Economic and Extension – 180 and above.

2. Agriculture – 180 and above.

3. Animal Science – 180 and above.

4. Crop Science And Horticulture – 180 and above.

5. Soil Science – 180 and above.

Faculty Arts and Humanities

1. English Language – 190 and above.

2. History – 190 and above.

3. Igbo – 190 and above.

4. Music – 190 and above.

5. Philosophy – 190 and above.

6. Religious Studies – 190 and above.

7. Theatre Arts – 190 and above.

Faculty Education

1. Business Education – 180 and above.

2. Education and Computer Science – 180 and above.

3. Education and Economics – 180 and above.

4. Education and Mathematics

5. Education and Physics – 180 and above.

6. Education and Biology – 180 and above.

7. Education and Chemistry – 180 and above.

8. Education and English Language – 180 and above.

9. Education and Igbo – 180 and above.

10. Education and Integrated Science – 180 and above.

11. Education and Political Science – 180 and above.

12. Guidance and Counselling – 180 and above.

13. Human Kinetics – 180 and above.

14. Primary and Elementary Education – 180 and above.

Faculty Engineering/Tech/Env

1. Architecture – 190 and above.

2. Banking and Finance – 190 and above.

3. Chemical Engineering – 190 and above.

4. Civil Engineering – 190 and above.

5. Electrical /Electronics Engineering – 190 and above.

6. Environmental Management Technology – 190 and above.

7. Mechanical Engineering – 190 and above.

8. Urban And Regional Planning – 190 and above.

Faculty Law/Legal Studies

1. Law – 200 and above.

Faculty Med/Pharm/Health Sciences

1. Anatomy – 200 and above.

2. Medicine And Surgery – 240 and above

3. Physiology – 200 and above.

4. pharmacy – 240 and above.

Faculty Sciences

1. Biochemistry – 190 and above.

2. Biological Science – 190 and above.

3. Computer Science – 190 and above.

4. Geology – 190 and above.

5. Industrial Physics – 190 and above.

6. Mathematics – 190 and above.

7. Microbiology – 190 and above.

8. Physics – 190 and above.

9. Pure And Industrial Chemistry – 190 and above.

10. Statistics – 180 and above.

Faculty Social Sciences

1. Economics – 190 and above.

2. Entrepreneurial Studies – 190 and above.

3. Mass Communication – 190 and above.

4. Political Science – 190 and above.

5. Psychology – 190 and above.

6. Sociology – 190 and above.

FAQs about Anambra State University Cut Off Mark

1. What is the cut off mark for ANSU?

The cut off mark for Anambra State University is 180.

2. What is the cutoff mark for medicine?

The cut off mark for medicine is 240.

3. Has ANSU released its cut off mark?

Yes, it has.

4. How does ANSU calculate her departmental cut off mark?

The ANSU departmental cut off mark is based on ANSU JAMB cut off mark. Your score qualifies you for the departmental cut off mark.

5. What is the ANSU UTME cut off mark for English?

The cut off mark for English is 190.

6. What is the cut off mark for accounting?

The cut off mark for accounting is 190.

7. What is the cut off mark for pharmacy?

The cut off mark for pharmacy is 240.

8. What is ANSU’s cut off mark for mass communication?

The cut off mark for Mass Communication is 190.

9. What is the cut off mark for the law at ANSU?

The cut off mark for Law is 200.

10. What are the courses for the 160 cut off mark at ANSU?

ANSU’s cutoff mark is 180 and above.

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