Political Leadership and Underdevelopment in Nigeria
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Political Leadership and Underdevelopment in Nigeria



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– Political Leadership and Underdevelopment in Nigeria –

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A cursory glance at the economic conditions of Nigeria will reveal that underdevelopment has persisted in spite of independence and abundant resources available in the contrary.

The cardinal question is why has Nigeria not developed given years in independence and abundant human and material resources especially during Gowon through Babangida’s regime. This work examines underdevelopment in Nigeria vis-à-vis political leaders focusing on Ibrahim Babangida’s administration.

Considering the crucial position of leadership in any nation. The researcher persists that the problem of Nigeria underdevelopment cannot be understood, or development attained without a redical change in the parasitic and exploitative character of political leadership in Nigeria.

The persistence of underdevelopment can be attributed to the character of Nigeria political leads. The solution of which is by the implementation of a different kind of underdevelopment, the researcher also focused on Babangida’s administration. 210 which is 20% of total population of 240 copies was used.

Data collected using questionnaires and the analysis of data was done by the use of simple percentage. The findings proved that Babangida’s administration were not properly motivated and understood political leadership.


1.1 Background of the Study

This work examines underdevelopment in Juxtaposi with political leadership focusing on general Ibrahim Babangida’s administration with a view to x-raying the impact of political leadership in the underdevelopment of Nigeria.

This project will be centered on two variable underdevelopment and political leadership, underdevelopment as used in this project does not imply absence of development but as uncomparative term as a means of comparing levels of development (Ofiong 1980:10).

According to Aja Akpaura (1998:48) under-development means: a relative condition in which a society lacks autonomous capacity to control and mobilize socio-economic formation for a sustainable economic growth and

development necessary to effect physical mental, material and technological fulfillment without dependence on external stimuli.

Abali (2001:30), in his scholastic ingenuity view under-development as a situation in which the institution of a country in the periphery of international capitalism dependent relations with other countries at the centre of the internal economy. It is the subsidization of internal economy and political forces from the centre.

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