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Are you interested in studying at any private university in Ogun state? Or do you just want to know how many top private universities there are in Ogun state? This article will inform you on all you need to know.

Universities in Ogun State

Ogun State is a Nigerian state in the southwest. Also, the previous Western State was merged into this state on February 3, 1976.

Lagos State borders Ogun State on the south, on the north by Oyo and Osun State, on the west by Ondo State, and on the south by the Republic of Benin.

In addition, Ijebu Ode, the old royal capital of the Ijebu Kingdom, and Sagamu are both the capital and most populated cities in Ogun State.  

Interestingly, the state of Ogun is mostly covered with rain forest, with some woody savanna in the northwest.

However, each of Nigeria’s 36 states features several well-known colleges and institutions. Also, there are higher education institutions in some states than in others. Compared to other regions, the number of colleges and institutions in Ogun State is rather large.

Most institutions are graded based on the NUC (National Universities Commission) accreditation and the programmes. We shall look at the private universities in Ogun State that meet this requirement.

Private Universities in Ogun State

1. Babcock University

Babcock University is a Christian private university owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church that resides in Ogun State, Nigeria. 

The University was set up in April 1999 in Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State. Interestingly, Covenant University was named after an American missionary, David C. Babcock. 

Also, Covenant University has produced many notable personalities, which includes famous Nigerian musician Davido, also the popular Nigerian actor Olumide Oworu and Speaker Oyo State House of Assembly Debo Ogundoyin.

The National University Commission (NUC) accredits it, which means it has met the University standard.

Also, it is a top private university because they have a good and conducive environment for learning. It has standard facilities like a hostel, lecture rooms and labs. The University has nine faculties with different departments in its school. 

2. Bells University of Technology

The Bells previously known as BUT was the first private university of technology established in Nigeria. It is located in Ogun State and was given an operating license on June 9, 2005. 

Also, Bells University has four different colleges in its school with various departments. 

The vision of the University is to become a world-renowned university committed to the development and transformation of society through environmentally friendly technology and other innovations.

Interestingly, the Bells University of Technology provides degree programmes in agriculture, sciences, engineering, the arts, management, and social science, among other subjects. Also, the national universities commission accredits the university.

It has a medium-sized student body, and admittance is competitive. It also provides housing for its students.

3. Chrisland University, Abeokuta

Chrisland University is a private university in Ogun State, Nigeria’s fast-growing southwest region. 

The University was established to conduct research that is relevant to society’s needs. It is a non-denominational institution, which means it is culturally and religiously diverse.

Also, Chrisland University offers bachelor’s degrees in science, the arts, management, and the social sciences.

Interestingly, it is competitive, but not impossible, to gain admission to this university. If you meet all the conditions, you have a good chance of being accepted. 

4. Covenant University

Covenant University has consistently been rated among the top universities in Nigeria, which has made it is regarded as the best private University in Nigeria.

Although, Covenant University’s tuition and miscellaneous fees are expensive. Yet, the costs are being channeled into making the best out of the students.

Covenant University is Africa’s world-leading Christian Mission Universities. The founder of Covenant University is Rev/Dr David Oyedepo.

He is one of Nigeria’s most respected spiritual figures and the Bishop and General Overseer of the Living Faith Church, a.k.a Winners Chapel.

Also, the institution started full operation in June 2002 after receiving license approval from the Federal Government to operate as an independent private entity.

Interestingly, the University is established on the core values of Spirituality, Capacity Building, Positive Mentality, Integrity, Diligence and selfless Sacrifice.

However, the University comprises the College of Business and Social Sciences (CBSS), the College of Leadership Development Studies (CLDS), the College of Engineering (COE), and the College of Science and Technology (CST) are the four colleges that makeup Covenant University (CST). 

5. Crawford University, Igbesa

Crawford university is a private Christian university in the Ogun state. Interestingly, the apostolic faith mission owns the university, which was founded in 2005. 

Furthermore, Crawford University offers bachelor’s degrees in agriculture, health, science and technology, the arts, management, and social sciences, among other fields. Although the university is culturally diverse, it is not religiously diverse, as most of its students are Christians.

Also, because of the university’s outstanding reputation, admission to this university is relatively tough. It provides student housing and other amenities such as a library, cafeteria, and ATMs.

6. Crescent University

Crescent University is the sole Islam-based university in Ogun State in southwest Nigeria, and one of only four in the country.

However, the Nigerian university commission approved it in 2005, but the Islamic Mission for Africa began working on it in 2002. 

Also, Crescent University provides degrees in law, disciplines such as biochemistry, computer science, and architecture, as well as the social sciences.

Interestingly, the institution is culturally diverse because it accepts students from all across the country; ‌because it is an Islam-based university, most of its students are Muslims.

In addition, Crescent University has around 4,000 students and 250 employees; tuition ranges from roughly 500,000 to 600,000 naira; accommodation facilities, library, and other services are also offered.

7. Hallmark University, Ijebi Itele, Ogun

Hallmark University is another private university in Ogun State. The Founders of Vivian Fowler Memorial College launched it in 2015.

The institution was established with the goal of educating and training people who will transform Nigeria and the world.

Also, Hallmark University promotes a lot of student diversity; it has no religious affiliation and admits students of all ethnic backgrounds. 

Interestingly, the university currently offers degree programmes in Sciences and Social Sciences, but knowing the owners, the university would definitely expand to courses in Engineering, Medicine, Law, and other fields.

Also, as a newly established university, Hallmark is currently less competitive in terms of admission than other universities in Ogun state. As of this writing, the university’s student and staff populations are anticipated to be below. 

In addition, the University provides housing for its students, and Hallmark university’s school fees are reasonable compared to the facilities and quality of education provided. Also, the national universities commission accredits the university.

8. Mcpherson University, Seriki Sotayo, Ajebo

McPherson University is a private university in Ogun State, Nigeria’s southwest. The University aims at producing world-class students who will transform the world.

Also, it is a Christian university that welcomes students from all across the United States. Since its inception in 2012, the institution has provided degrees in Social Science, Science, Arts, and Management.

However, McPherson University‘s tuition is reasonably priced. It also has a competitive admissions process. We don’t know the staff or student population yet, but we expect it to be fairly populated on both fronts.

Interestingly, McPherson University provides student housing as well as other amenities such as a library and well-maintained campus buildings. Also, the national universities commission accredits the university.

9. Christopher University Mowe

The university was formed in 2015 to produce graduates with skill sets for the workforce and entrepreneurs to solve challenges in society. 

Also, it is located in a fast-paced developing location in Ogun state, southwest Nigeria. The university is relatively diverse because it has no religious affiliation and admits students from all around the country.

However, bachelor’s degrees are available in Science and Technology, Arts, Management, and Social Science at Christopher University. Because this university is still new, admission is not as competitive as it once was, therefore it should not be difficult if you meet the university’s requirements.

In addition, Christopher University provides housing for its students as well as other amenities such as a library and good college buildings. Also, the national universities commission accredits the university.

10. Mountain Top University

This University is a private Christian university in Ogun State, Nigeria’s southwestern region. Mountain of Fire Ministries founded it in 2015. 

It is a Christian institution that provides a variety of degree programmes in the sciences, arts, social sciences, and management sciences.

Also, because the university is new, the faculty and student population are tiny, and there isn’t much variety among the students‌. The University is not ‌competitive, and many Nigerians are unaware of its existence. 

Finally, the university provides accommodation for its students, as well as power, a cafeteria, and a well-developed road network. Also, the national universities commission accredits the university.

11. Southwestern University, Oku Owa

Southwestern University was founded in 2012 and is based in Ogun State, Nigeria’s southwestern region. The university’s goal is to instill excellence and character in its students.

Also, it also encourages students to become entrepreneurs in a variety of professions and businesses. In addition, the university’s goal is to educate morally sound students.

Southwestern University is a private, non-denominational university that promotes student diversity by admitting students from all religions and cultural backgrounds.

However, the institution provides bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields, including science, technology, the arts, social and management sciences, and more. 

Compared to other private institutions in Ogun State and public universities in Nigeria, admission to this university is not competitive.

In addition, Southwestern University offers housing and other infrastructure to its students. Also, the national universities commission accredits the university.

12. Trinity University Ogun State

Trinity University is a private Nigerian university that provides a variety of undergraduate programmes. The university is located in the Lagos State town of Yaba.

Also, our Main Campus (of about 500 acres), is at Laloko, Owode Local Government, Ogun State which will host our other faculties in course of time.

However, the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria has officially certified and/or recognised Trinity University Nigeria.

Interestingly, Trinity University is a forward-thinking university that was properly licensed by the Federal Government of Nigeria in January 2019 and is now fully functioning from its City Campus in Yaba, Lagos. 

Also, Trinity Educational and Development Foundation, which also owns Trinity International College, a world-class secondary school in Ofada, Ogun State, sponsors the university. 

FAQs about Universities in Ogun State

1. How many universities are in Ogun state?

There are Sixteen universities in Ogun State.

2. Does Ogun state university-run PDG in science laboratory technology?

Yes, they do.

3. Where is an open university ‌in Ogun state?

In Ogun State.

4. How many state universities are in Ogun State?

Three (3) state Universities. They are Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Tai Solarin University of Education Ijebu Ode and Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology Abeokuta.

5. Which federal university is in Ogun state?

One federal University. Which is Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU).

6. Which university is found in Ogun state?

All the Universities stated above.

7. How many private universities are in Ogun State?

There are 12 Private Universities in Ogun State.

8. Is Olabisi Onabanjo University found in Ogun State?

Yes, it is.

9. Is the federal University in Ogun State Expensive?

No, they are Not.

10. Is the state Universities in Ogun State expensive?

They are not expensive.

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